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Zerock is a group of construction firms operating in Africa and the Middle East. Fast growing, diverse and pro-active, Zerock is synonymous with efficiency, ethics and cost-effectiveness. We answer the real needs of public and private sector clients. We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our clients by developing relationships through integrity, professionalism, and service to produce the highest quality projects.

Zerock is built by its talented team and unique corporate structure. We stand out from the competition by addressing the demands of the high-end market. To accomplish this we offer superior services and expand into new, promising markets. Our solid approach to work uses the full potential of our network of firms and the diverse expertise of our professionals. We value our personnel, the spirit of partnership and transparency. We rely on the talent, competence and dedication of our team who make our company a successful and innovative network. Because of this, our performance and productivity are optimal which translates into high client satisfaction.

Zerock has the edge. We can mobilize to any African or Middle-Eastern country for building or road projects in a timely manner and at very competitive prices. Our diverse services span roads, buildings, bridges, mechanical for oil and gas, wood work, furniture and metal fabrication.

Zerock's construction services encompass:
    . Design and planning
    . Projects Management
    . Highways and roads
    . Bridges and interchanges
    . Earth and reclamation works
    . Infrastructure Projects
    . Electrical and telecommunication networks
    . Mechanical and civil works for oil & gas facilities
    . Residential, industrial, office and educational buildings

Zerock's industries cover:
    . Ready mix concrete
    . Granite aggregate production
    . Asphalt production
    . Furniture and Wood work
    . Metal fabrication
    . Geotechnical and piling works