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Zerock has brought many high-profile projects to completion. We are here to ensure the success of your project regardless of how big, small, straightforward or complex. Over the years we have proven that we can rise to any challenge via our local insight and unparalleled expertise in construction, engineering, procurement, project finance and project management.

Dualization of 8.5km of road including stone base, asphalt, road side drains, culverts, road marking, street lighting in addition to 3.5 km of underground size (2.5mx1.5m) read more
Road works, Parking, Water supply network, Sewerage network, Electrical works, Planning & Design. read more
Residential Tower of 27000m² read more
Construction of two towers with leasure center, 12 and 13 floors, 18000m² read more
Dualization, median, drainage, asphalt, landscape and street lighting read more
Construction of 4,400 of shop units at Lokoja International market read more
Residential Buildings of 178500m² read more
Construction of Office blocks of 6 floors read more
3 Triplex Units (Residential) of 1100m² read more
Cutting, Filling, Compacting & Asphalting read more
Construction of 2 new waste disposal reservoirs (3500 m3) read more