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Zerock delivers professional engineering, procurement, construction, project management and project financing services that answer the needs of a variety of industry sectors, including chemicals and petroleum, environment, heavy construction, mass transit, mining and metallurgy, power, and water management.

Zerock is your "one stop shop" for engineering in Africa and the MIddle east. We offer a wide-range of professional and reliable services for:

 . Institutional, industrial and commercial buildings
 . Medical infrastructure
 . Sports and recreational facilities
 . Water
 . Transportation

Services provided:

 . Estimation and tendering
 . Full execution in all fields of engineering from civil to mechanical, structural, electro-mechanical, etc. (our services    extend to highways, carriage roadways, bridges, storm systems, infrastructure systems, buildings, hotels, offices,    factories and residential complexes)
 . Full turnkey projects
 . Procurment
 . Comprehensive construction services
 . Site survey
 . Access roads and site installation
 . Retaining works and infrastructure works
 . Concrete foundations
 . Temporary steel structures
 . Fully equipped mobilization
 . Grounding and Lightning
 . Electrical cabling and routing
 . All types of concrete and steel structure
 . Finishing works including architectural and electromechanical works

Quality focused we only purchase the best construction materials from the best suppliers. To insure client satisfaction, we supply the needed equipment and machinery thus speeding up the work process and facilitating a smooth workflow. We are to make any project a success through exceptional engineering solutions.